The Makadiff Sports Board of Directors, in recognition of Canada's 150th Anniversary in 2017, is looking to provide funding to support a unique project/event/initiative that will further advance the innovative and collaborative development of grass roots community sport delivery in Alberta.

As examples, Makadiff Sports would be keen on receiving concept proposals that were to focus on any one of the following themed areas:

As such, we are requesting that initial concept proposals be submitted online to:

These brief concept proposals (3 to 5 pages) must be received by no later than Tuesday January 31, 2017. In submitting such concept proposals please address the following:

Note: The Makadiff Sports Board of Directors reserves the right to accept/reject any or all of the concept proposal submissions at its sole discretion.

  • Gender equity - enhanced opportunities for girls and women in sports
  • New Canadians - new citizens, sport and belonging
  • Children's creative play opportunities and sport connections
  • Intergenerational sport programming and participation
  • Images of sport - through photo/video representation, showcase innovative vignettes on the value community sport brings to building a community, a province, a nation...
  • Other themes that connect to 'community sport' and would be directly relevant to Canada's 150th Anniversary

  • Title of project
  • Nature of concept - what is the project intended to address/accomplish? What are the objectives? Why is it important to undertake in Canada's 150th anniversary year?
  • What is the timeline for the project undertaking?
  • Who will benefit? Briefly explain.
  • How much is the project expected to cost? Are there other funds thsat would be put to the project?
  • Who is the principal contact for the project concept? (Provide contact information)

This grant funding initiative has now closed.